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About Tablespess

Tablespess is a TTRPG some friends and I are working on that takes place in a Scifi/Fantasy setting we've been working on for the past few years that we call "Spess" (Mostly because we can't think of a new name). Currently, we're focusing on fixing up and finishing up the setting's lore and whatnot. Tablespess itself is being slowly revamped to focus more on reducing crunchiness and giving everything overpowered, somewhat open-ended abilities.

This page last updated 2/23/2020


This folder has the skill trees for each class we plan to add to the game. Expect most of these to be incomplete. Progress updates will be posted on the home page. Click the tab at the bottom of the document to get from the character sheet to the skill tree.

Blank Character Sheet & Skill Tree Template

Make a copy of this file to your own drive or download it to edit it from this link since there isn't a way to download directly from the embedded file.