About Tablespess

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Tablespess is a TTRPG system built to be used in the Spess setting. Its goal is to reduce crunch as much as possible while giving everything powerful, flexible abilities.

Tablespess itself is still very much a work in progress. However, a trimmed-down version of the system that can be used for any setting is completed and playable. More info on that below.

Table Lite

Table Lite is a stripped-down version of Tablespess that only includes the bare essentials of the system. There aren’t any skill trees, classes (sort of), species bonuses, etc. Table Lite still uses the same items (except summoning tomes) and character sheets as stock Tablespess. Table Lite can be used for any setting, genre, etc.

You can check out the Table Lite handbook, an example character sheet, a generic blank sheet, and a blank sheet with Bionicle elements in the embedded folder below.