Spess World Bibble

Welcome to the Spess World Bibble! This is a publicly published version of our internal World Bibble that's a little more organized.

Not everything from the internal Bibble will be posted to this website, as much of it is still in development. I'll update this public access edition as we finalize more things.

Tablespess rules, detailed item descriptions, and more will also be hosted through this wiki-type system. They're in their own category on the side.

Everything on this site is a work-in-progress and is subject to change.


What is Spess?

Welcome to a world where basketball is a solved game, Hell has been conquered and turned into easy galactic transit and manufacturing, and people can learn magic by reading motivational books.

Spess (eternal working name) is an absurd near-future science-fantasy setting held together with a dash of realism that’s been in development for the past few years. Generally, Spess has a retro-futuristic aesthetic with some Cold War-esque tensions going on between governments. Spess takes place in our own galaxy, focusing on a swath of aliens and systems far, far away from Earth.

Bibble Map

Here's a map of this part of the website. It also shows what's unfinished so you don't have to wade through blank pages to find content.

  • Navigation
    • Bibble Home Page - YOU ARE HERE
    • About Spess - Includes same general blurb as above plus a timeline. Timeline is maybe a third of the way done.
    • Main Home Page - Takes you back to the main part of Hydromecha.website.
  • Major Categories
    • Species - Full list of all 28 Spess Species. All but two have info written. Only four have proper images so far.
    • Locations - Empty
    • Major Organizations - Empty
    • Important Miscellanea - Info on some important things that don't fit into the other categories. Written info is complete outside of Currencies. No images yet.
    • Beliefs - Empty
    • Common Flora/Fauna - Empty
    • Media - Empty
    • Vehicles - Empty
  • Tablespess
    • About - General info on Tablespess and Table Lite. No images yet.
    • Player's Handbook - Empty
    • GM's Handbook - Empty
    • Classes - Contains embeds of the skill trees. Somewhat complete.
    • Items - Contains embeds of the item lists. Mostly complete.