About Spess

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Welcome to a world where basketball is a solved game, Hell has been conquered and turned into easy galactic transit and manufacturing, and people can learn magic by reading motivational books.

Spess (eternal working name) is an absurd near-future science-fantasy setting held together with a dash of realism that’s been in development for the past few years. Generally, Spess has a retro-futuristic aesthetic with some Cold War-esque tensions going on between governments. Spess takes place in our own galaxy, focusing on a swath of aliens and systems far, far away from Earth.

Timeline (Incomplete)


  • The Game is invented
    • Gangraka monks go into the mountains to become masters of The Game
  • Rifts to Baitspace and Rezverspace open throughout the galaxy
  • A massive Baitspace rift opens on the Pyramided homeworld
    • Bait worship begins
    • The Pyramideds are horribly disfigured by Bait mutations
  • Yetis discover Rezver crystals as a fuel source
  • Skelegate Ancestors reach their space age
  • Skelegate Ancestors declare war on the Pyramideds
    • Skelegate Ancestors invent a weapon that can cause artificial solar flares
  • Thogs begin caaring, and come into existence on Thoglan

Ancient Past

  • Gangraka invent the ball
    • Basketball becomes a solved game
    • The Tennis meta is destroyed when half-racketing wins a tournament
    • Construction of The Great Foosball Table begins
  • Onbious reach their space age and begin exploring their solar system for resources
  • Varakebos reach their space age and begin conquering other territories
    • The emperor of the Vakar Dynasty dies
    • The Long War begins
  • The first Morphoid subspecies is born, their strange nature possibly being influenced by an ancient alien civilization
  • Yetis discover Hyperspace technology and use it to travel the universe, arriving in the Spess galaxy
    • The Yetis accidentally discover Mezonium and Baitspace through dimension hopping
    • The Yetis search for peaceful species to help out/advance
      • The only species they deem worthy of helping are the Onbious, who they share their Hyperspace technology with
    • The Yetis start The Teufors Project to protect this galaxy from threats, namely Mezonium