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Varakebos possess the strange ability to manipulate luck. However, if they engage in direct combat, they lose this ability. Permanently. Varakebos who have their luck powers have yellow glowing patterns on their frills and along their bodies. If they lose their powers, the lights become orange. Those that lose their luck abilities doing nefarious deeds are seen as the scum of society. Those that forsake their powers to protect the people are revered as heroes, but are still lower in social rank than those who still retain their powers. The highest social rank of Varakebos consists of diplomats and governors.

The United Planets was formed by the Varakebos, who recruited several other planets and species over the course of several years. Whether there was luck trickery involved with the formation is up to contention, but the records claim it was done for the good of the galaxy. Only the Syetvenans seem to be able to counteract the Varakebos’ luck powers. No official statement from either party has been released regarding this.

Varakebo Sketch by Gold Good Guy

Drawing by Gold Good Guy