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Picture an entire planet of sleazy used car salesmen. Now make them all toad creatures with wart hair. Now give them some other jobs. The used-car-only planet is a couple systems over, next to the megamall station. Toadowards are masters of negotiation and business. They’ve sleazed their way to Hell and back, literally. The Toadowards helped fund the Bingurigs’ invasion of Hell and now own vast swaths of land in the underworld. The reason? You don’t have to pay the souls of the damned.

Under the Toadowards the damned now make cheap plastic crap, manufacture electronics, and port Skyribbit to everything. They must perform these monotonous tasks for all eternity, or until the Soul Janitors swing by. But that’s not all. Some Toadoward corporations offer Death Insurance, which lets you stay in fancy soul lounges in the underworld instead of doing factory work. If you can afford it, you can stay in a lounge with armed guards to fend off those pesky Soul Janitors.

Toadoward by Gold Good Guy Parkloif by Gold Good Guy

Parkloif (right) was a player character during a short Tablespess test campaign. Drawings by Gold Good Guy

Toadoward Sketch by Hydromecha

I was listening to Weird Al while making this. Drawing by Hydromecha