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The Omosil prefer to keep their origin a secret. Don’t tell them we’ve got it here. A long time ago, in a solar system very far away, the Jewish people were enslaved by the Pharaoh to build pyramids. One day, a small group of Jews discovered a strange craft buried in the sand. After entering it and accidentally pressing some buttons, they were sent deep into space to a mostly-barren planet. Amazed by their new surroundings, the group wanted to explore more of this new environment.

However, it was a Friday afternoon back home and the vessel they were flying in was using some kind of fire to propel itself. They hastily constructed some golems and told them to learn everything they could about this strange place. They also instructed the golems to keep their origin a secret, just in case there might be bad space men out there who would want to conquer Earth. The Jews then left for home to make it to Shabbat dinner in time. They didn’t exactly stick the landing, and lopped the nose off of a certain Sphinx. Luckily, they survived the crash and were able to get home with only moderate scoldings from their mothers.

Modern Omosil are descendants of those original golems. Omosil are clay creatures with quartz “hair” that they can use to absorb sunlight for energy in a pinch. The Omosil homeworld is home to The Great Library, a massive crystal database housing the combined knowledge of the known galaxy. Knowledge of Earth and Humans is kept behind Ox Security Clearance, the highest clearance level in the planetary Omosil Government.

Omosil by Gold Good Guy Omosil Expressions by Gold Good Guy

Drawings by Gold Good Guy