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Nuljmoenen are a gelatinous race that use color changing organs to communicate with each other. Nuljmoenen are from a lower-gravity planet with a thick, humid atmosphere and must wear pressurized exo-suits on other planets. Nuljmoenen exo-suits can process their light patterns into audible speech for other species to understand. Nuljmoenen themselves are able to hear and understand sound normally.

Color is a very important aspect of Nuljmoenen culture. The last name of a Nuljmoenen is determined by the resting color of their parent of the same gender. The first name is given based on the resting color of the child. For example, Blutarch Grayson has a blue resting color himself, and his father has a gray resting color.

Blutarch Grayson Sketch by Hydromecha

Blutarch Grayson, in some sort of scolding pose. Drawing by Hydromecha

Nuljmoenen Concept Sketch by Gold Good Guy

Drawing by Gold Good Guy

Nuljmoenen Sketches by Hydromecha Nuljmoenen Borgar Sketch by Hydromecha

Drawings by Hydromecha