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Morphoids come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These features are hereditary, and are typically mixes of the parents’ looks. If two wildly different Morphoids have children, they might look nothing like their peers. This led to the creation of a strict caste system that was used in their past.

Originally the Morphoids were ruled by The Holy Empire of Chaad. The ruling caste consisted of holy noble warriors called Siqhm’aac. On the caste below was the Alph’aac, who fought to expand their religious empire. These and the other upper castes were collectively known as the Chaad’ac later. At the very bottom of the caste were the O’meg’aac, seen as the descendants of demons by those at the top. During a decisive war against The Teufortian Empire, The Holy Empire of Chaad fell.

Renaming themselves T’ippahs, the O’meg’aac caste took over the failing empire. They established The Englightened Technocracy of Intellectia and banished the higher castes. The UP took in the disgraced Chaad’acs and sent the more radical ones to live out on frontier planets.

Morphoid Tippah Sketch by Gold Good Guy

A member of the T'ippahs. Drawing by Gold Good Guy