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Guyanites are a race of artificially created, elemental, biomechanical humanoids. Although they appear robotic, they only have mechanical exoskeletons. Guyanites are born from Life Forges, which use elemental materials to create new ones. Guyanites can have up to 3 elements associated with them. For each element a Guyanite has, he/she has a tool integrated on his/her body. For instance, Froz Challenger is a Cold/Precision Guyanite. He has a refrigerator in his chest and fold-out ice picks on his arms. The elements Guyanites can have are the same as those in Tablespess.

The Guyanites believe they were created by another advanced species in a far-off galaxy, and were sent to this one to spread their ideals. The Guyanites follow a strict moral code of “Canon Values” from their Holy Metal Space Book. The Book teaches of Three Pillars of The Canon: Truth, Justice, and Purity. The only name credited with the creation of The Book is “Greg.” Nobody is quite sure who this “Greg” is.

Froz Challenger Blender Model by Hydromecha Froz Challenger Sketch by Hydromecha

Froz Challenger, a Cold/Precision Guyanite. He'll probably be some kind of mercenary/bounty hunter/etc. Drawings by Hydromecha

Gaige Dynamo Ref by Hydromecha Gaige Stretch by Hydromecha

Gaige Dynamo, a Heat Guyanite. Drawings by Hydromecha

Beast Guyanite Sketch by Hydromecha

A Beast Guyanite who has a scope to help him track and hunt things. Drawing by Hydromecha