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Bingurigs claim to be descendants of the ancient Yetis found in many ancient legends throughout the galaxy. Bingurigs hail from the planet Bingolia, considered the most hostile habited planet in the UP (United Planets). Bingolia has regions of extreme cold, extreme heat, and regions where naturally occurring alcohol is more common than water. Bingolia also has some of the deadliest wildlife in the known galaxy. The Bingolian Death Toucan being the most dangerous of them. As a result of these conditions, Bingurigs are unaffected by extreme temperatures, and are immune to the effects alcohol has on other species.

Bingurigs believe that repeating digits in numbers possess otherworldly powers. Gedd, the Bingurig deity of numbers, is worshipped as the leader of their pantheon. Repeating digits in numbers that bring luck are seen as gifts from Gett.

The Bingurigs were the first recorded species in the galaxy to use Bordal technology to travel to Hell. The Bingurigs conquered Hell with an army 7,777,777 strong with support from various mercenaries and Toadoward interest groups. Thanks to the Bingurigs, Hell is now home to highways, high-speed railways, and the ever-popular amusement park chain, Bergeland.

Bingurigs Ref by Gold Good Guy

Drawing by Gold Good Guy