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Content! 5/10/2020

I'm working on updating the art tab with pages for each species that we're showing so far. I'll update this post here once it's all set up.

EDIT: All the drawings are up! I'll add the information tomorrow since some of friends I work on this with are in different time zones. I wanna make sure I can get their input on the stuff that's gonna be posted. On a side note, we're slightly redesigning Skelegates. They won't have stuff in the art tab until we make some new drawings for 'em.

Small Update 5/2/2020

I've been busy with schoolwork and I've got finals coming up this week, so I haven't been able to post much. Once those finals are over, I'll be able to dump a whole bunch of content we've been working on for Spess. Namely, designs for the different alien species that'll be in the setting. I've got some ideas for a potential animated series, but I wanna get better with using Blender first. I'll probably upload some more animation tests using Blender to my YouTube channel as I go. Regarding my Newgrounds account, I decided that I'm only going to be posting new, finished works to there. I'll put in-progress things here in the art tab later.

Small Update 4/13/2020

It's getting to the end of the semester so I won't have as much time to work on this hobby stuff. There's been some small updates to the Tinkerer branch in Traveler, so check that out. As for doodles/art, I'm probably gonna throw some stuff onto Newgrounds and link that to this website once that's taken care of.

Not Much Going On 4/5/2020

I've got exams and a whole bunch of other stuff coming up this week so I haven't had much time to work on projects for the site. I'd like to get some formatting done for the art tab so I can post some doodles 'n stuff. Maybe that'll happen next week. In the meantime, here's another WIP drawing of a Spess race. These guys are called Skelegates. They're animated skeletons born from the dirt of Dirt Trees that can use telekinesis to manipulate their bones freely. Dirt Tree wood is special in that it's the only material in the galaxy that can interact with souls, ghosts, etc. making it an incredibly valuable commodity. Local Skelegate governments keep a close watch on the Dirt Tree trade to ensure the material isn't used for nefarious purposes. Skelegates can also add other bones to their bodies and control them as well. Although they might have used incredibly advanced technology in the past (still working out the backstory), nowadays they use primitive stone tools for farming and wield giant rocks as weapons. If you play as a Skelegate in Tablespess, you have to have a giant rock equipped in one of the secondary slots in your loadout at all times.

Small Tablespess Progress Update & Comic Coming Soon 3/29/2020

Another small progress update for Tablespess. I've posted the folder with all the class skill trees we're working on over in the Tablespess tab. Most of the trees themselves are empty, but a majority have their main and optional branch names. If you're curious about specifics, post a message on my Neocites profile. In terms of what's been updated, go check out the Traveler class. Here's a quick rundown on the ideas behind each branch.

  • Tinkerer
    • Crafting & repairing tools, weapons, drones, and vehicles from scavenged materials.
  • Hunter
    • Tracking down targets plus some survivalist skills.
  • Politician
    • Getting others (enemies, objects, etc.) to do things for you, even fight.
  • General
    • Misc. skills related to travelling. Might include skills that make it easier for your character to navigate cities, spaceports, etc. or get information from locals.
  • Wrestleman
    • Showboating and flashy wrestling moves.
  • Thrill-Seeker
    • Super high-risk, high-reward skills.

Sooner or later I'm going to be publishing a sort-of comic friends and I have been working on. Every new "page" is made by someone else, and each "page" can be any kind of media (multiple images, videos, etc.). We're currently sorting out covers and how to chapter out what we have so far. We call it "I am the Mailman."

Progress Update 3/22/2020

Here's a small progress update on Tablespess. The Medic skill tree is about halfway complete. I changed the main branches slightly from when I had mentioned them earlier. Tank now has some magic abilities in place of Cleric, and Chef has taken over Cleric's place on the skill tree.

Chef is going to focus on healing/buffing allies and debuffing enemies using the food you make. It'll be more focused on buffs/debuffs than healing.

Tank revolves around using magic walls to help protect yourself and your allies.

Combat Medic will let you create stim packs that apply different Status Conditions. You'll also be able to launch those stim packs from bows and needleguns to apply their effects from a distance. It'll also get skills that'll help you get in and out of combat quickly to heal people.

The general branch gives you skills that help with healing overall.

Mad Scientist lets you create monsters that can do your bidding. The HP, STR, and AGL of the monsters are based on your character's SPEC.

"Alternative" Medicine has a bunch of AoE focused skills that based around placing crystals on the field. It's kinda like a Spess Mehren lite. (One of the main branches for Spess Mehren will be built around placing beacons that you can use to buff/heal allies or to damage enemies.)

The skill boxes marked with an "S" on the left have to do with stat upgrades, proficiencies, etc. "P" indicates a passive skill, "A" indicates a skill that takes an action, and "B" indicates a skill that takes a bonus action. The number below the letter shows how many Skill Points are consumed when using the skill. If there's a "∅" instead of a number, the skill doesn't consume any.

Classes will have other abilities and quirks to them that'll be described in class documents. Each branch of the skill tree will have its own of these other features. The skill trees are only for specific gameplay mechanics and whatnot.

I've also been working on an avatar/mascot channer of sorts for this website. I threw together a rough-ish drawing to get an idea of how it'll look, and I'm modelling it in Blender. I'm gonna use Grease Pencil to animate the face. I loosely based the design off of a submersible. Below you'll see the drawing and some screenshots of the model so far.

Small Update 3/17/2020

I've been caught up with all kind of schoolwork and other stuff related to my uni closing because of COVID-19. I finished the drawing I posted earlier, but I also want to add a female Chapoil and maybe some other angles, etc. If I don't have anything to post this weekend I'll post more progress on whatever I'm working on. Anywho, here's the finished male Chapoli, with a really rough plan for how a female Chapoil might look.

Progress Update for Misc. Drawings 3/9/2020

I'm going to be working on getting drawings of the main Spess species done. This here is a mostly done drawing of a Chapoli. In the most recent video I posted on my YouTube Channel (the animated landscape), you can see a Sea Nayte. I'll post more information on both of these species and more sometime later this week. The finished drawings with information blurbs will be posted in the Art tab.

Tablespess Skill Tree Template Done 3/1/2020

The skill tree template is now done. You can check it out in the Tablespess tab. There's conditional formatting set up so skill boxes in the tree will automatically highlight to show if you can buy them. Additionally, if you try buying more skills than you have XP, the XP box will turn red to show you've spent too much. The XP value in the skill tree is copied over from the value you can enter on the main page of the character sheet. Anything in bold italics is something you can edit on the sheet. Some classes' branches will use a meter that builds based on damage dealt or healing done. You can then spend this meter to perform skills. If you go above 25 meter, you start to take damage based on how much over the limit you are. That value is automatically calculated for you and shown when you're over that limit. There are three main branches, one general branch, and two optional branches for each skill tree. The main branches focus on different archetypes of the class. For instance, Medic's main branches are "Cleric," "Tank," and "Battle Medic." Each main branch has a central ability or gimmick the branch is built around. The general branch gives you abilities or perks that help with the class in general. So again with Medic, you get a skill that let you increase banner charges (support items that let you deploy an effect once you deal a certain amount of damage, like those in TF2) with healing done in addition to damage. The optional branches offer additional weird abilities based around a central theme, but have less overall skill boxes. One of Rogue's optional branches is called "Hackerman." It's full of abilities based around video game glitches/speedrunning tactics. The last skill in that branch is called "Over the Road Racing," which lets you build up an infinite amount of speed by driving a truck backwards.

There are also some small changes to the character sheet. There's now a percentage value below the ammo rates in the loadout. These are for any items that use a "charge." (banners, shields, etc.) If the durability of an item in your loadout goes to 0 or below, the entire row will automatically turn red to show the item is broken.

Tablespess Character Sheet Done 2/23/2020

The character sheet is complete now. There's a few more numbers for Movement (15+5*AGL), Dosh (the currency used in Spess), XP, and Ammo. There's also an inventory below the Loadout, and you can use the checkboxes in Google Sheets to automatically equip them in your loadout. Until I find a better solution, you have to enter damage to a weapon's Durability in the space below its current Durability. This won't affect the value in the inventory, since I want players to be able to easily copy and paste items from item lists into their inventories, and that could cause all sorts of messes with automatic maths. I'm gonna get the skill tree template done next, so expect some kind of update next weekend. Once the character sheet and skill tree template are finished, I'll post a link to the Sheets file in the Tablespess tab.

Tablespess Updates 2/14/2020

Finally got some stuff done for the current Tablespess iteration. Below you'll see a blank character sheet (some stats and the loadout only for now) and the type chart. The main goal for Tablespess is to reduce the amount of crunchines as much as possible while also making everything overpowered to balance things.

Here's the blank character sheet. HP is affected by the Armor stat. For every point Armor increases, HP increases by 2. The same relation happens with SP (Skill Points) and the Special stat. Skill Points are primarily used to be spent to perform the Skills of a class/species/etc. (Classes, etc. will be shown off later.) I'll get more into the Special stat in a bit. Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Social should all be pretty self-explanatory stats. The Special stat is used for a number of things. First off, it replaces specialized stats for classes, such as Medicine for the Medic, Arcana for the Magicman, or Animal Handling for the Beastmaster. Secondly, you can add it to attack rolls with weapons you have proficiency with. Some weapons will use your Special stat as a damage modifier, such as firearms, replacing the old Marksmanship stat we had before. There are, and will be certain weapons and skills that can decrease the Armor stat of a target, decreasing its max HP and making it easier to hit. Attacking is pretty similar to in DnD and other tabletop games, where you roll a d20 and add Special (if proficient) and compare it to the target's Armor stat to see if you hit. If your roll is greater than the Armor, your attack lands. Strength and Agility will be used for certain damage modifiers for mostly melee weapons. Agility will also be used to determine how far a character can move in a turn (will be added to the character sheet later). Intelligence and Social will mostly be used to supplement roleplaying.

You use Modifiers to change these stats. Normal Modifiers are stat changes due to things like basic character building (you'll have a set amount of points to spend on stats), species bonuses, class bonuses, etc. Temporary Modifiers are for stat changes due to things that happen in combat, in game, etc.

The Loadout system is used to let players have multiple elemental typed weapons available to attack and defend with (more on that later). Players can have one Primary, and two Secondary weapons. However, players can use a Secondary weapon in a Primary slot. The Armor slot is obviously for armor. The Ammo Rate of a weapon shows how much Ammo a weapon uses per use. You simply subtract that value from your ammo pool when you use the weapon. Before, we had a system where you had to reload a weapon as a bonus action after depleting its magazine, which became tedious. All weapons that use Ammo pull from the same universal ammo pool. More powerful weapons will use more Ammo per use. Armor has a similar mechanic with Fuel, which also pulls from the ammo pool. Some armor have mechanized features that require fuel to use. The Fuel Rate tells you how much Ammo the armor depletes per turn when it's powered on. All weapons have a Durability. At the end of your turn you can choose to defend with any of the items in your Loadout. Defending with an item makes you its elemental type. However, if you defend with a weapon, it will take damage for you. Shields, Banners, and other support items generally have higher Durability than combat-focused items. You can always reinforce items later using materials. (I'll go into that mechanic later in another post.)

This here is the type chart. The left column is for attacking types, and the top row is for defending types. In older versions of Tablespess, you had to multiply the damge you were about to deal by 1.5 or .5, which became a massive hassle. Now, you simply add or subtract 1d4 for elemental effectiveness. Some items will increase or decrease this roll.

If you've got questions, comments, etc. post 'em in the comments section on my Neocities Profile.

Housekeeping Updates 2/4/2020

Cleaned up some stuff on the site. I'll hopefully have something posted regarding Spess (More info can be found in the Tablespess and Hyperspace Net tabs) sometime this Friday or Saturday.


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