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Major Update: World Bibble & Gungo The Caveman 9/27/2020

The Spess World Bibble is now up! It's currently far from complete, but the framework for everything is there. It'll be updated as we finalize more things. Check out the main page of The Bibble to see what's there so far. Zim didn't end up working for what I had in mind so I did all the HTML and page organization manually.

We've got a new comic that we're gonna be updating every couple months called Gungo The Caveman. Much like I am the Mailman (which we now plan to release in full whenever we finish it) every page is made by someone else. Check it out in the Comics section.

The Tablespess tab now leads to its page within The Bibble. There's also a fully-playable, lighter version of Tablespess called Table Lite out now. Check out the handbook on the About Tablespess page in the Bibble or by pressing the Tablespess button above.

A Quick Update 8/31/2020

Here's a quick update on some stuff I'm working on.

  • Some small changes to some Tablespess branches.
  • Working internally on a World Bibble for Spess.
  • Part of this World Bibble will eventually be posted here using Zim to organize it
  • Making some progress on modelling a character for some kind of animations in Blender. Pic of that progress below.

I'm using Outline Helper for the outlines on the model, and Grease Pencil for some other features like the face and the fridge door on Froz's chest. If you wanna try something like this yourself I highly recommend checking out Dikko on YouTube. He's got some great guides for modelling characters for animation and is also trying out mixing GP with 3D stuff (much more professionally than I am).

Changelog for 6/28/2020

  • Made some changes to Elemental Hero.
    • Added stat boosts to every main branch.
    • Completed the Explosive branch.
    • Added a couple skills to the Dark branch.
    • Changed the second optional branch from "Multitype" to "Synthetics," which will focus on manipulating synthetic materials.
  • Made some changes to the website.
    • Added an archive for older blog posts.
      • Added links to/from the archive at the bottoms of relevant pages.
    • Changed some text on the Guyanite page in the Art tab to reflect the element name changes in Tablepess.
  • Removed Herobrine.

Tablespess Changelog for 6/27/2020

  • Changed some element names to give them wider applications.
    • Fire/Heat -> Heat
    • Ice/Cooling -> Cold
    • Acid/Poison -> Hazmat
    • Piercing -> Precision
    • Smashing -> Force
  • Removed the type chart from gameplay to make combat run faster.
    • Specific weaknesses, resistances, and immunities will be on character sheets as needed.
    • The type chart will still be included with the base game's handbook in case you still want to use it.
  • Made some changes to the character sheet.
    • Removed the type chart.
    • Added a list for effectivenesses.
    • Added a list for special abilities.
    • Moved the details box up close to the top of the sheet.
  • Updated some skill trees.
    • Added a level 1 skill for each branch in Elemental Hero.
    • Completed the MOOSKLE WIZARD branch of Magicman.
    • Added a few skills across the board for Beastmaster.
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals.
  • Updated the localization files.

I'll be cleaning up and adding to the website a little bit over the coming week or so. I'll add an archive for old posts on this tab and add some more sections to the Art tab for miscellaneous drawings, animations, and maybe even Bionicle MOCs.

The Information Age 5/11/2020

Most of the sections in the art tab have info on them now. I'm still working on some of them and I'll post them as they get finished. Like before I'll post an edit once everything's up.

EDIT: All the info is up now! We'll add more to the pages and entirely new pages later as we go on.